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Back to school 2021 Parents Information

We just wanted to update you on a few things.
Return to School Dates and Details
All students will return to school on Friday August 27th for 2 hours. The times are as follows:
1st Years: arrive 10.30am, depart 12.30pm
2nd Years: arrive 11.00am, depart 1pm
3rd Years: arrive 11.00am, depart 1pm
We ask that 2nd and 3rd Years do not arrive any earlier that 10.50 as we would like the 1st Years to be able to come in on their own so that they understand how things work.
Due to Covid restrictions unfortunately parents or guardians will not be able to enter the school but please be reassured that all of the staff will be on hand to support. We hope to be able to welcome you all in later in the year as restrictions ease.
Parents and Guardians are asked to wear masks at drop off and pick up as per guidelines. We appreciate your support with this.
We have lots of students who cycle to school. If cycling, they will be directed to the bike racks inside the grounds. We love to see our students cycling when it is possible. Please remind them to wear their helmets.
Please note that the school buses will not run on this day, they will start on Monday August 30th (normal school times). Bus Eireann should communicate directly with those who have applied for buses. The school do not have any information re buses.
We have a Welcome Back to School programme planned for the first few days of school, this is tailored for the needs of each year group and will help all get into routine.
Students will need their iPad, pencil case, something to write on, a snack and a drink for the first day.
Equipment List
This was emailed in June also.
2nd and 3rd Years don't need anything new, they continue on with what they already have.
The original equipment list for these year groups is on our website under the Learning and Teaching tab in their relevant year groups.
School Admin Fee
The annual school admin fee remains at €125. This is due by September 30th.
Details of how to pay this online through our online payments system has been sent out by email last week.
Payment of this admin fee includes:
  • School Journal
  • School Tutor booklet and resources
  • Insurance
  • Standardised Testing
  • Some Classroom and Activity Resources/Fees
  • A limited number of local bus trips for school events/activities
Covid 19 Arrangements
We are updating our documents but Covid systems and procedures remain in place and we will be following the DES guidelines in relation to this. We will be in touch with more details.
The biggest change will be for our 1st Years. They will have to wear masks in school. This will be new for them. Please reassure them that our students managed all of this really well last year, we were very proud of them. We would advise that you encourage them to try wearing them over the next few weeks in preparation. All staff and students need to have a clean, well fitting mask for each day. If wearing disposable masks, they will need a number of them each day as they will need to be changed.
Return to School form is to be completed online. Please ensure this is completed before your child returns to GETSS.
Our Covid Policy documents are on our website should you wish to view them.
Galway ETSS Transition Pack
Especially useful for 1st Years but also a great reminder of the school routine for all of our students, our new Transition pack is available on our website, click HERE
We ask that all 1st Year parents take some time to go through this with the students in advance of return. It will really help them to understand what their school day and week will look like. It will also give the parents a good sense of it. There are lots of photos and videos of our school and our staff, it has been designed by our own team.
Single Use Plastic Free School
Just a reminder about our Single Use Plastic Free policy. We appreciate your support with this very important initiative. Full details available HERE
Please continue to use the email address should you need to contact us. We are still working from home as there is some work being done in school.
Take care and enjoy the rest of your break,
Warmest regards,
Sarah and Louise
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