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History: The study of history at Junior Cycle aims to enable students to develop the necessary conceptual understanding, disciplinary skills and subject
Creating and sharing media in a digital environment has become an increasingly important feature of how young people communicate and engage with each other
Learning about and through the arts is fundamental to an education that aspires to support the development of the whole person. Awareness of, involvement
Computer science is present in every aspect of modern society. Correctly-functioning software systems allow airplanes to fly from one city to another;
This short course aims to develop students’ positive sense of themselves and their physical, social, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing.
This short course builds on the Junior Cycle Physical Education Framework which physical education teachers currently use to plan their physical education
This 100-hour short course builds upon the 70 hour CSPE course that many teachers and parents are familiar with. It is built around three strands, rights
The Specification for Junior Cycle Modern Foreign Languages aims to develop communicative language skills. It also aims to enable students to explore the
Science in junior cycle aims to develop students’ evidence-based understanding of the natural world and their ability to gather and evaluate evidence:
Maths focuses on developing students’ ability to think logically, strategically, critically, and creatively, while empowering individuals to become
Junior Certificate Irish builds upon the language developed during primary education. The learner’s vocabulary is both reinforced and enriched at
English in junior cycle aims to develop students’ knowledge of language and literature, to consolidate and deepen their literacy skills and make
In Galway Educate Together Secondary School, Ethical Education is taught as a separate subject. All students will participate in Ethical Education. Ethical
As an Educate Together Secondary School, we are co-educational, equality-based, democratic and student-centred. We are passionate about the education of
In Galway Educate Together Secondary School Students we have six core subjects which students are required to take (History was added by the Department
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