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Learning in Galway ETSS

Learning in Galway ETSS

As an Educate Together Secondary School, we are co-educational, equality-based, democratic and student-centred. We are passionate about the education of our young people to ensure that they have the knowledge, understanding, skills and values to ensure their development as critical thinkers, problem solvers, effective communicators, creators and innovators.

In time, consideration will be given to offering Senior Cycle students the Transition Year programme and the three forms of Leaving Certificate Programmes: Leaving Certificate (established), Leaving Certificate Vocational and Leaving Certificate Applied.

*Eight principles underpin the Framework for Junior Cycle. These principles will inform the planning for as well as the development and the implementation of the junior cycle programme in our school.

Learning to Learn

High quality curriculum, assessment, teaching and learning supports students in developing greater independence in learning and in meeting the challenges of life beyond school, of further education, and of working life. In Galway ETSS we will be assessing not only what students learn but how they learn.

Universal Design for Learning

UDL is an approach that builds flexibility into the design of a lesson to allow all students to access the material, engage with the learning and showcase what they have learned

When designing tasks we offer choice and flexibility in the format that students can present their learning in for example voice recording, hand written work, a performance or a piece of typed work.

This allows students to demonstrate their learning in a way that rewards their strengths.

This approach is very much supported by the new junior cycle and also activates our student voice – something we really value. It puts student at the centre of the learning.

GETSS Video on UDL - watch this to see the strategies that we are working on in our own school.

Learn more in this short 4 minute video

Choice and Flexibility

GETSS’s junior cycle programme will be broad enough to offer a wide range of learning experiences to all, and flexible enough to offer choice to meet the needs of students.


All students will experience a high-quality education, characterised by high expectations of learners and the pursuit of excellence.

Creativity and innovation

We will provide opportunities for students to be creative and innovative.

Engagement and participation

The experience of curriculum, assessment, teaching and learning will encourage participation, generate engagement and enthusiasm, and connect with life outside the school.

Continuity and development

Curriculum, assessment, teaching and learning will enable students to build on their learning to date, recognise their progress in learning and support their future learning.

Inclusive education

The educational experience will be inclusive of all students and contribute to equality of opportunity, participation and outcomes for all.


The student experience will contribute directly to their physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing and resilience. Learning will take place in a climate focused on collective wellbeing of school, community and society.

More information can be found at the downloadable links below:

Blueprint for Educate Together Second-level Schools

Junior Cycle Information Leaflet

Junior Cycle

*Adapted from the NCCA 8 Principles from Framework for Junior Cycle.

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